“El Día de Mañana”. Directed by Mariano Barroso. Produced by MOD Pictures for Movistar+. TV Series for Movistar +. Role Gustavo. Availaible on Movistar +.


“Cançó per a tu”. TV movie. Directed by Oriol Ferrer. Produced by Galápagos and TV3. Secondary character, Guillem. Next 22 of April will be released on TV3.



Short film “FUGIT” by Marta Bayarri. Produced by Momotrup Films. Executive Production of Miguel Angel Faura and David Victori. Starring Oriol Ruiz and Nil Cardoner.

Second year of distribution. More than 65 Selections, 8 Prizes & Candidacy for the GOYA’18 Awards (15 Finalists).

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